Senior Photography – What Makes Senior Photos So Special?

So many emotions are associated with the senior year of high school, but the biggest two are happiness and excitement. During this brief moment of time, the entire world is at your feet, and the future that lies ahead is yours to plan. It’s also a time in your life when all eyes are on you, and the emotions of graduation and any post-high school plans, while seemingly unforgettable at the time, are simply brief moments that pass all too quickly. The best way to capture those fleeting moments is with a stunning set of senior photos, which preserve these memories for a lifetime. Just as the saying goes, a picture really does paint a thousand words.

At one time, the only option for senior portraits was a makeshift studio inside a high school gymnasium or some other static site that offered each student the same limited number of backdrops and accessories. Fortunately, that’s not the case for today’s generation of seniors, who have nearly unlimited options.

In fact, we’ve taken senior photos in settings ranging from wheat fields to cobblestone streets as well as with favorite possessions like guitars, trucks, and letter jackets. It’s your time, and it will pass in an instant. We want to help you remember every detail.

Some of the things that make your senior photos so special include:

• The Photographer – You’re no longer bound to a portrait company or photographer selected by your school. Do your research, check out everyone’s portfolio, and find a professional who matches your style. An expert will not only shoot and edit masterful photos but will also work with you to make your personality pop in the pictures.

• Clothing – Schools are now more open-minded when it comes to yearbook photos. Many no longer require you to submit senior photos limited to cheesy poses in a cap and gown. You can, and should, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, whether the latest fashions or a traditional outfit, to create higher-quality senior photos.

• Location – I take photographs for my clients and students in a variety of settings—but not a studio. I use meaningful, significant places for the student and preselected locations that I know will help make you shine.

• Accessories – Today’s seniors enjoy a large number of extracurricular activities. You can reflect your hobbies and talents in your senior photos by including accessories. A student in a rock band might carry a guitar. A member of the football team might hold the game ball.

When you’re comfortable during your senior portrait session and are paired with a truly exceptional photographer, the result is superior photography. Gone are the forced smiles and awkward poses of your parents’ and grandparents’ senior portraits. Your senior photos will remind you not only of your senior year, but also of the specific locations, fashions, and accessories that help make your senior year such a special time.

The day when you have your senior photos taken is the only day, perhaps besides your wedding day, when you are the sole focus of the sitting. A senior portrait is as unique as your own DNA. Senior portraits are so special because they capture your best side in every photo and show off your individual qualities.