Making Senior Photos Pop With Accessories

You want your senior portraits to stand out from the rest. Really awesome senior photography is something you’ll be proud to share with your friends–and maybe inspire a little jealousy. Senior pictures are a lasting memory that will commemorate this special time in your life when one chapter ends and another begins. They’re more than pictures—they’re a visible record of one of the best times of your life. They should reflect your individuality by showing off you, your activities, and your interests. The best way to do this is through the use of accessories.

Personal items are essential to senior portraits. In fact, these accessories are as important as the outfit you wear, the setting you choose as the backdrop, and the photographer you select to take the portraits. They are the small details that will bring the pictures to life, allowing you to recall memories from this special time for years to come. Here are some things to consider when selecting accessories:

• Style – What’s your personal style? Make sure your accessories complement the style of your outfit. The last thing you want is a portrait that’s so busy with fashion and accessories that you are no longer the focal point. Choose one large personal item, or a few smaller ones, and select an outfit that will serve as a visually pleasing backdrop.

• Talent – Do you have a special talent? Perhaps you’re musically gifted with an instrument, or you play a sport. Items related to your talents are a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your senior portraits. They show off your uniqueness as an individual, which ensures that your portraits will stand out among the rest in your graduating class.

• Interests – What are your interests? Wearing a T-shirt or sports jersey that reflects your pastimes with regard to current trends is as much of an accessory as a skateboard, knitting project, or any other item related to your hobbies. With this in mind, the accessory might be a separate item or a piece of your wardrobe that you wear in the portraits.

• Activities – Do you belong to any clubs or participate in other extracurricular activities? A student body president might be photographed holding a gavel. A member of the drama club could choose to use a favorite theater prop in his or her senior pictures. The possibilities are endless. You can choose items that are as unique as your own DNA.

Being in front of the camera is intimidating for some high school seniors. Having the right accessories can mean the difference between feeling awkward and feeling comfortable, which is why it’s important to choose items that pair well with your outfit and background selections. The results will show up in how you look in your senior portraits, and you deserve to look amazing.

I’m always happy to consult with my seniors before the photography session begins—in fact, I insist on it.