Q:  Why should I invest in Senior photos?

A:  Your senior year is the most pivotal time in your life!  You may never have individual photos of you taken until YOUR WEDDING.  This is the only photo shoot you will ever have that is about YOU!  It is the one time to capture WHO YOU ARE and one day WHO YOU WERE.  Make the most of this session. Plan out the clothes, the props, go buy some new clothes and accessories.  GIRLS get your hair and makeup done.  These photos will hang in your parents’ home longer than your prom photos.

Q:  What about the weather?

A:  If you book a session in the summer heat, we shoot as early in the day as possible to avoid that 100 degree temp.   If its overcast, raining or below 55 degrees…we will reschedule.

Q:  What time of day do you shoot?

A:  I generally shoot about 2 hours before the sunsets to get the best lighting.  I am a natural light photographer and lighting is everything.

Q:  What can I expect?

A:  the length of the shoot usually last about 1.5 hours.  BRING YOUR PHONE..PLAY YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC.  Bring a drink if the weather is hot.  Please bring ONE FRIEND (ONLY ONE- two friends talk and ignore you).  I have noticed a friend will relax you and help you on your level.  Oh, and parents are always welcome. One advice for parents is…no comments.  We want your senior to be comfortable and if you want to warn me about something, please do so in private before the session.

Q:  What to bring?

A:  Clothes!  Clothing is extremely important for your session.  It is your way to express your personality.  A well chosen wardrobe can make your photos look more amazing.  I even have seniors bring a trunk filled with clothes, shoes, hats and belts.  Bring a variety of colors & styles for all seasons.  Jeans to dresses!  We love layers! Feel free to add sweaters, jackets or coats.   Don’t forget! Hats, jewelry, belts, shoes and scarves to complete outfits.  Fill up your trunk and we can discuss your outfits before we shoot.  I LOVE FUNKY SHOES TOO!  A pop of color in your shoes looks amazing in photos.  DO NOT WEAR WHITE!  Feel free to discuss any PROPS you want to incorporate into your session.  THINK about this too.  I have had senior incorporate sunglasses, ipods, footballs, instruments, and even putting on makeup.  What do you like to do right now, and lets capture that!

Q:  What about my make-up and hair?

A:  Ladies… wear more mascara than usual & bring your make-up bag for touch ups or change ups OR don’t worry about it and get your very own hair and make-up stylist!

Q:  Do you have any discounts or specials?

A:  For every friend that you refer that books a session, you will get $25 off your session fee, plus a stack of 50 custom senior cards from your session.  Word of mouth is my best advertising!